Mike iLL


I’m like, “Who do we talk to?” And the old queen at the door turns around and goes, “Money? You get paid for people who come to see you. He’ll mail it to you. That’s between you and him.” “I was just wondering who was in charge of the stage and stuff. Do we get drinks?” “No. Leave your ego at the door. This isn’t (charity or something, I’m not exactly sure what the asshole said), it’s a money-making operation.” This is the owner of the Brass Monkey in Baltimore talking. He’s one of those scumbags who thinks he’s a good guy, and every other sentance out of his mouth is about how rightious he really is, and how he looses so much money doing bands and stuff. He’s got pictures of himself all over the bar. The sound man cut our set from 45 minutes to 1/2 hour as well, during the set. Jerm Pollet AKA Tall, Dark and Lonesome from Austin, Texas and I have been doing a few dates together. What we’ve developed is a combined set where we do a song or two each and trade back and forth, joining in vocals or comments or playing or clapping along when inspired to. It’s really gotten cool. We played a super-fun show at Hole in the Wall down here in Richmond, VA last night with this duo called Pistol Pete and Popgun Paul. They play guitar and piano and sing about stuff like “god loves fairies”, wearing leather pants and dog collars. What a blast. Dropped Jerm of at Amtrack at 5:00 AM, ‘cause he needs to get back to Austin. Today’s like day four without cigarrettes, hurray. Why do I keep stopping quitting? I’m horny. Everyone here smokes. Playing Roanoak tonight with a bunch of teenage bands. Should be fun. Sucks Napster got shut down. It’s okay for MTV to make millions off our music (without paying to use it), but god forbid poor college students listen to it in their dorm room. Thanks for protecting me RIAA, what would we do without you?

Not bitter, mike |