Mike iLL


Things worked out well last night. With the sex thing and all. Not without a bit of crying though. I massaged her back, kissin all over. I’m givin’ her head for a fuckin’ half-hour and it gets time for me to go out to a friends show who i’ve blown off twice already in the last week. The sex thing just wasn’t happening. Then she starts crying and I’m like, “OK. I guess I’m not going out tonight.” So we do some talking for a while. Actually I did all the talking and… Well it all worked out well in the end. Good orgasms and everything. I smeared cum all over her torso and face. Today the weather’s hot. Antifolk maestro from Philadelphia, Adam Brodski plays at Sidewalk Cafe tonight - we’ll check it out. This other antifolk artist Hamel on Trial broke his back recently. He’ll heal up, but they’re donating all the proceeds from the New York Antifolk fest 2000 to him. Don’t get sick in America. happy mike |