Mike iLL

Well well to the M.F. well! I eat cashew butter and honey on semi-stale italian bread.

hot sleazy summer tour coming together well: 16 dates/14 cities in 16 days. cool. Been mailing out shit to press and mailing posters and all that. should probably deal w/ radio stations soon too. Woman and I ain’t been fuckin’ the past week. I keep thinkin’ it’s my style… you get all ‘jonezey’ and parasitical after a while. What it really is is we got to make time, where we can take the time to do it right - ‘cause you know: for a young woman you really got to work up to it.

Be massaging the feet and legs, kissing the knees, maybe light patting of the bottom. ‘Till the vagina starts to open up on its own. Man, homegirl is so fly. We go to this ‘clothing optional’ beach on the jersey shore; Sandy Hook - Gunniston Beach. She’s all covering herself with the oil. God she looks so fuckin’ hot. Get pathetic when I’m jonezing the sex. Why Goddess, why? Running around taking orders from my cock and balls. Had a weird dream the other night. Well, remember my amp got stolen? Well I got this one for $150.00 that sounds pretty good, but it’s heavy as hell. I’m talkin’ stop twice carrying it the first block. And the night after I took it out the first time there’s this dream I’m hangin’ around one of these European Music Festivals and I get this gasoline powered amp. Like, you put gas in the amp itself. It’s all old and stained and smelly. Used to hate the smell of gas. In my grandparents garage and stuff. Made me wanna gag. Well. Off to meet my wife at the train. Made dinner. Sent her sister away for the night. Hopefully we can get some sexual healing in before I head back off to work tonight.

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