Mike iLL


| | | — | | welcome home to towed car, arrest warrent, and a whole bunch of court dates for silly traffic shit. My man Larry (a lawyer) says just let ‘em know that you’re a good guy and you wanna pay some money, but avoid getting points. That tactic worked very well in Jersey City last week: cool prosecutor. Rivka and I are practicing the diet and sex and breathing of Taoists - according to this very cool book: The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity. I was pissed this morning, ‘cause she wouldn’t fuck me (although she did keep me company while I masturbated - but you don’t wanna hear this shit) then I cooked her food to take to work, and she didn’t take it at the last minute. Just another stupid thing for us to make each other feel crappy about. So this Taoist sex thing is wild. The idea is that we use sex for our health. The man and woman benefit from each others sexual excretions. Men aren’t supposed to ejaculate every time we have sex, we’re s’posed to retain the semen like 70% of the time or so, and transfer that energy up the spine into spiritual/life energy. Sounds like these people are into having like, hours of sex a day - but I’m really not sure. This book is also saying male homosexual relationships are unhealthy. I think male/female isn’t as black and white as people like to think.

A thousand blessings.

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