Mike iLL

Dig this funny Mark Twian Quote:  

| | | — | | “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and dispell all doubt.” |

Oh Kay OK OK OK O Kaaaaaaaaaay.

I wanna give a shout out to all my good people in Hoboken: Zef, Claude, Lou, Siket, Mike Sabo, Ruben, Ben Raw, Max Manegnas AKA Various tha Sofisticat, Robin Borst, R-Bin AKA Mistress Ruby, Mikey Middles, Mr. Taps, Mike the man-tolo better known az PERVIS, Mastro, Andy, Fred and my man with the red hair at Guitar Bar, Chip and Kerri, Marcus and Margaret at Tunes, Latch and all Liquid Lounge hangerz, of course the beautiful and talented love of my life Rivka, Honey, Mad Mad Mad props to my second biggest fan Larry Gershberg who is currently helping defend me from the evil traffic pigs in Jersey City. Got to give the mad love to Jimmy D, and Marc the Shark and Phalix, love to Danny Burkhard, John Vargas, give it up for Eugene. Oh shit, what’s up Jenni and your people Dave and Mandy. Hello Abbey and Paul of Empire Coffee, Virginia, Mike, Bill and Leo at Visit Hoboken/Flash Tech. Got to continue to give props to the people who hook up Mutiny Zoo with the cake, dough, loot, grease ‘n’ what-ever-you-wanna-call-it that keps this vehicle on the road: WADDUP Shanna? Hostin’ the web sites, baby. Crazy iLL love to Mom, Dad, Carrie and Aliana. Yo, I got a big-ass drive today, so if I crash and die I want y’all to come give my parents big hugs at the funeral and play some supa-cool music. Dope Pages, Lenahan, Scott E. Moore. I know there’s more fly loves like Patty at Piccolo’s and Mathew and of course the Juice Man Otis at Farm Boy. YO; Joe Glass, Maria and (hey , sorry girl, but you do make me think of that nut known as the Ballonatic. Well, it’s about that time (long way to North Carolina from here), but to y’all that I’m gona think of as soon as I get in the van, Zoozan and Brian (keeping the rainbow and pagan wing in shape, and Chavaugn (can’t remember the proper spelling dear) and Arnt. Erin Kubach, Kelly, Scott Anthony, Kevin Mooney.

Send me some e-mailz loves. Yo wassup Jennifer Kirby and Brian? Marilee and John. Damn, did I not mention Tracy, Cat, Vickie…? HELLOOOOUUUUWWWW. Anyway; did want to mention that all these super cool people were at the show last night here at the Chukker: SWEET DOG (a legend), Sarah, Craig, Scott and Sandra at the bar, Tommy hookin’ up the sonics, you had Andrew all spinnin’ out on the morphene pills (don’t get excited you fiends) and this cool painter/T-shirt painter whose name I keep spacing on. Props to chuck who booked the show and George at Vinyl Solutions (stupid-cool indy record store - 20 years in business anyone?). Thanks Jaimie, Carrie and Steve at 90.7 FM for promotions. Oh yea. What was that old school Dada pre-punk shimmy disk band my man used to be in? Reverend Doctor Something?

So lucky, lucky, lucky luckeeeee, Mike iLL