Mike iLL


| | | — | | Cool cop last night let me stay parked in the River Park lot here in Tuscaloosa. This morning some old conservative-looking southern guy tried to pick me up. He comes up and says hi. Nice day. Yea, warm. I show him my book (being that there’s no money in my pocket). He gets to the page with the erection photo and is like, “wow, you’ve been blessed with a big one.” or some shit. “Thanks”. “I’d like to see it in real.” I decline his invitation and he gets all embarrassed. Ha ha!

Fucker didn’t even buy the book. Been reading this Johnny Cash autobiography too; Man in Black. He’s pretty conservative too, considering his reputation. All on the born-again christian trip. “You either go one way or the other” type shit. How can a man consider himself saved and others doomed? I think people are fucked up. We’re all human. We’re all trying. The weather today is gorgeous; warm but breezy. This guy at a very cool indie record shop down here called Vinyl Solutions (which has been there for 20 years) paid cash for one copy of Antifolk Road Manual and took four on consignment. Nice. Now I can get some lunch veggies without dipping into the rent money. Living hand to mouth is cool. Just scary when I get scared my music isn’t good. ‘Cause I get all fucked in the head and depressed when I don’t get to play. So many of us out here and the money is so fucked. Are Paul McCartney and Madonna the only ones who deserve some security for their future? Enough politics. Saw a cool looking black snake crawled out of this wool pile in an abandoned lot in east Georgia the other day. I love masturbating in secluded spots. Found an amazing old joint today. Check it out. It’s a circular pool house that’s closed down, but the front door was unlocked. It was supposedly designed (I found out recently) by this really well known architect, and it’s based on some Frank Lloyd Wright stuff. Inside is set up like a maze and you can actually climb up on top of the six-and-a-half foot walls and dig the whole shape. So I went into the womens shower and had sex with a couple of ghosts from the past. It was amazing. First there was this older woman who hadn’t had sex in ages. Then this fly teenager. Then my homegirl…. Well anyway, y’all have your own fantasys to get off to I’m sure. Hey. If you get a minute please go to my MP3 site and click on Serial Wigga MP3. You don’t even have to download the whole thing, it’ll boost the songs ranking. Think this is corny? Well, you right. Many blessings and great times with deep breaths to all.

Sunshine style, Mike iLL