Mike iLL


| | | — | | Illin’ in Trash Ville, Tennessee baby. The fuckin’ Saaaaawng-writing capital of the world. Time to call the landlord and tell him the rent’ll be late. Sorry dude. Some guy that builds oil rigs bought a copy of A.R.M. and gave a $5.00 tip last night. Also met a guy who has over a million dollars from winning national and international dance contests. Oh man; heard the dopest folk duo last night at a place called 12th and Porter down here. They called themselves by their first names (something and Chris). One guy plays with Ricky Scaggs, who I’ve heard of, but don’t know who he is. Anyway, they’re like 19 years old and they fuckin’ tore it up switching off between violin, mandolin and guitar. Sang their ass’s off too. Been raining here. It’s cool waking up in the van with rain falling on it.

Early Morning Style, Mike iLL