Mike iLL


| | | — | | Oh my Goddess. What an amazing night in Montgomery, Alabama. I arrive at Local 1048 in the early evening, and hear some music coming from the club. Now, last time I came to Montgomery I was told I was a day late for the gig (this is after a 6 hour drive), and there’s someone else playing that night, so I got a little paranoid. Turns out they have Jazz here on Sunday afternoons, and these players were fuckin’ unbelievable. You had Jackie Mills (who was with Miles Davis) on drums, and this bass player Cleave Eaton (who was Count Bassie’s bassist for 16 years) siting in on this regular jazz jam. Cleave was taking a solo that was so good; first it gave me goosebumps, then I started to cry. See; after being up at the last show with all these young kids I was getting caught up in the “i wanna be a rock star” mentality, but hearing this guy playing and summoning gods and goddesses I remembered what it’s really all about. Don’t get me wrong; I wanna get paid, but I’ll never trade the ruby’s and diamonds and sexiness of true MUSE-ic for the wafer-thin meal of Ameri-pop success. My show went ‘till about 3:30 in the morning, including a few different people sitting in and making some really cool music, then we went to the gravesite of Hank Williams and smoked a bowl ‘till about five, five-thirty. Four different people offered beds to sleep on. Ended up staying at this painters house, and her work was really good. It was also real nice that all these gorgeous girls don’t wear bras. Maybe that’s where the name MONT-gomery comes from Ha ha ha.

Happy Boy Mike