Mike iLL


| | | — | | Played a rollerblade festival yesterday. Lot’s of 12 - 16 year old kids; fun.Heard a really funny story the other day about a parrot that says, “Paul (his owner), did you fart again?”, and “Help, help” when he falls in the pool, and “Ooh, that feels good” when you blow-dry him afterwards. And when you put the cover over his cage he says, “Who turned out the lights” and then “Paul, pleeeease let me out. I’ll be good, I promise.” Got some new links on MP3.com, one guy from college who just sent an e-mail. Seen many cool animals already; hairy cows (I don’t want to eat you), and fat pigs (or you, even though the BBQ down here is so tempting), and an Armadilo (dead) on the side of the road in eastern Mississippi. There’s all these cool purple trees here in Alabama. Mike |