Mike iLL


| | | — | | I’m wired, inspired, and fuckin’ on fire. Got beyond hunger and be yond tired. Got good luck, and a lover w/ stupid good looks, Reads good books… This show the other day was total punk rock. All mohawks and bald girls and old leather and denim covered with skull patches and safety pins. The promoter shows his love IN the mosh pit. It was a little bar on Long Island called the Ground Zero, run by two old school women who love kids and consider themselves freaks. Four acts: Headlined by a band from Boston called the Showcase Showdown, who had like every kid in the place singing along to passionate reality without taking onesself too seriously, 77, a really cool, wild socialist punk from Portugal, Mike iLL and The Clap (who remind me of Dead Kennedys). I’m supposed to be in West Virginia right now, sleeping upstairs from a club called the Empty Glass, but instead it’s a beautifull night in Hoboken, and the alarms set for three hours from now, when I’ll arise and bring a ham, egg and cheese sandwich and coffee down the block to Napo (short for Napolian), the Dominican dude who lives with his lovers boyfriends mother in the projects, ‘cause the boyfriends in jail for selling dope, and doesn’t fuck the woman anyway, and his mom loves napo like the son she doesn’t have, though he wants to tell her he and her son’s woman are lovers. He told me all this today. Anyway I gotta go over there to keep his ass focused on my car which needs a different motor and new wiring, and if the motor works we can fix the other shit, hopefully get me on the road by Wednesday for a Saturday show in Memphis. I’m bringin’ a bunch of posterboard found in a dumpster on 26th street the other night, and a fat marker and staple gun. Put up huge posters in these cities, sent CD’s to radio and press, I’m fuckin’ possessed possessed possessed. Got the fly laptop computer, and tomorrow Jeremy will tell me why the applications don’t know we’re online…

Ha ha haaaaaa, Mike iLL |