Mike iLL


| | | — | | Knew he was a pussy from jump. All apprehensive an’ shit. Went out to the cafe and “auditioned” for his partner 3 weeks ago, and we booked he show. A few songs into the second set my man’s like “Could you take a break?”. What was I playing? ‘Lonesome School Girl’, ‘Ramblin’ Man’, ‘Should a dissed you’, ‘Satification’, ‘Serial Wigga’, ‘(Whoops i’m sorry) was that your heart?’, ‘Crack, Heroin and Heartbreak’…

I go “you’re not gonna call the cops are you?”. “Don’t mean to offend you… bla bla bla… you don’t belong here. We want soft acoustic background music.” I told the audience “They won’t let me play anymore, you’ll have to come out somewhere where they’re into progressive music.. Sign the mailing list if you want, and buy the CD if you want to be part of it. I promise I’ll keep doing this for the rest of my life”. Rivka did the mailing list/CD thing while I haggled with uptite guy about the dough. Don’t do ‘backround music’. It’s too bad too, ‘cause there were all these cool kids there. Hopefully the 00’s ‘ll make the 90’s look like the 60’s made the 50’s. Don’t Fuck with my Blues. Rock ‘n’ Roll music for the future make you horny to fuck making babies to dance in radioactive rainstorms. Happy birthday to my new niece Sarah (6 pounds 11 ounces).

Pregnant with style, Mike iLL |