Mike iLL


| | | — | | Two freaky German Punk rockers. “We laaf Johnny Thunders. He ees” (the worship thing) “…”. Stinging throat from Marlboros. Ahhh, beautifull nicoteieein… How tha fack do U spell that? OK.Gotta love that 5AM shit. To. we wuz partying at the Zoo for hours after NyQWill. Which was amazing, ah man… My men from Austin; Hairy Apes BMX / old school Billygoat Motherfuckers Mike Dillon and Zack Baird. WHAAAAAAAT?!. Perry Robinson on Clarinette. Mr. Taps and Ronda doin’ this freaky shit - way-ill crack-dope music. So. yea. It’s great to be live in the last days of these thousand years. Thanks. Oh yea. These germans are sexy as fuck. It’s all 1960’s Euro-Sexploitation. Ha Haaaaa. Dancing with Yvonne (to Lenny and the Squigtones), it got so hot in there, … WATER, need water.

Who dies?

Sorry, Mike iLL