Mike iLL


| | | — | | Hey, wanna be depressed? I do. That’s why I’m a musician, cuz it’s real fun working your ass off so you can loose money, risking the weekend in jail to put up fliers, aching back from postcard mailing, lug your equipment around for years… Yea you’re right, I’m feeling sorry for myself, and if you don’t like it, stop reading right now, cuz I can’t sleep, and it’s gonna go on. Ants all over the kitchen, shoes all over the floor, mosquitoes eat you raw - but guess what? The Mayor of New York has ‘em spraying a mildly toxic chemical all over the city every five days to get rid of ‘em. That’s because some people died from a virus they’re carrying around. I’m too depressed to fuck my woman on one of the rare times she doesn’t need to be seduced. Why do we waste our energy in this fuckin’ music business? It’s pathetic, and I see people who make me sick in the shit too, and it’s like - am I this terrible too, and just don’t realize it cuz of an indominable ego? Some of it you do because you have too. Some because you’re a fuckin’ idiot, suckered in by the glamour and games. Cat’s got fleas from the shinny little kitty we took in last week a few days before she got put to sleep. Ricky’s tryina comb ‘em out, but it may take flea baths. Ooh fun. Psyched kittys? Rivka’s a good person. She’s got a big warm heart. Oooh, I’m so lucky; still can’t sleep though. Gotta get up and work for the Catholic church tomorrow. Yea, Listen to these people pledge alegiance to the goddam Roman Empire. I sing and mom plays organ, what a life. Other than the little turnout. The Mumia911 show tonight was great. Reverend Hank was funny as hell, doing a sermon about how Kareem Abdul Jabar was in jail (“Hank, it’s Mumia Abu-Jamal” “Oh…”), (Skitoes dance on my arms as I type) Jon McGovern as Chocolate Puddin’ the ex-bolaxploitation star does a bit about having been about to fuck Mumia for the first time, when he was caught up in the shooting. There was some great music by Boo and Elena of Demolition String Band, and Oren Bloedow of Elysian Fields/Black Beatle. Slammin’ poetry by Rivka and Tom Arnold, Finnegan did some sick shit too. And our men Pete Gerber and John King layed down the facts on Philly politics, death penalty, Frank Rizzo, Daniel Faulkner, pop politics and more… This dude Michael Schwartz was great too. iLL Variety. Hey Rivka, wanna kiss?

Sorry, Mike iLL