Mike iLL


| | | — | | Well my dearest diary, i’m only writing you ‘cause it’s been a while and maybe you’re getting bored, I know I am. Last night we all partied ‘till like 7:30 in the AM. Music, sex, libations, the works. It’s all love out here. Took two folks home and they ‘did it’ on the rug all morning, Rivka and I supplied condoms of course, but I fear miss L. was on dope (again). Def Boy tells this great story about when he was living in Colorado in an $80.00 a month apartment (with a roommate!), and had no money for food. He hooked up with this young homeless guy who would like, take him to different shelters and stuff on different nights and get free food. Check this out; McDonalds is only allowed to leave stuff under the lights for so long, so a lot of times they put all this food outside for bums to get. So if you’re ever fiending for a bite, check the alley behind McDeeze. What else? Ya’ hear the one about the idiot that said no? Henry Miller is soooo cool. Dude!

Ha ha ha ha

Lame, Mike iLL