Mike iLL


| | | — | | Man, some of the freaks I know… My man (we’ll call him) Marley got his first taste of celebrity status when he blew up the Defender video game at Mr. Biggs. He lives in Canada right now but I just ran into him and we were remaniscing about when he turned me on to DMT. This is some wild shit ‘cause it produces what amounts to a 10 minute trip where you’re as high as you could ever imagine being on acid. I first smoked it (from a glass pipe) one Saturday morning right after a two hour yoga class. Imagine standard perception of the world as being filtered by the human body, so what we see is a very soft, smooth, touchable reality. Well, on DMT the screen started to crack, and etherial starlight was breaking through… I was like “god…”, then “god!”, then “God?”, then I’m screaming “GAAAAAHD! GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”, and like seeing visions from childhood.. And it felt like life is devided into three parts; Birth, Living and Death, and most of what we spend our time thinking about is comp-letely off base… And at the end of the trip I was hugging my friends, so happy to be among humans. And I knew I’ve been tricked by demons, maybe beyond redemption, but aren’t we all? Isn’t that part of what this sticky trip is made of anyway? So all this to say Marley is so funny. He’s like “I’ve really been into turning people on to rare psychedelics… The other day I was with this girl and she’s doing pure Harmoline with 5 MEO DMT mixed with her urine, with a dropper in her nose, while I’m fucking her on three hits of acid. “Maybe I’m getting old, back in the day I would’ve been on DMT too, but she would’ve like, grown tentacles and shit…”.

What a fuckin’ character.

Good Night, Mike iLL |