Mike iLL


| | | — | | RAW RAW RAW RAW RAW RAW RAW. Too many embers without a something to burn. Those the seeds started us burning trucks at “Woodstock 99”? See the TV ads; Inked, Pierced and Ready to Rock. What a fuckin’ world. Ain’t the fuckin’ summer of love, is it? The 90’s are a lot like to 50’s some say. I wasn’t there, but these are pretty fuckin’ conservative days we in. That’s why the Mumia Abu-Jamal issue is important to me. Ya know, the other day I was talkin’ to a Lower East Side club owner, and he’s like, “yea, that’s the guy who shot a cop …my brother was a cop.” He wasn’t interested in reading any literature. People are afraid to be associated. Then he’s like “good luck with your cause”. Is that patronizing? Good luck with your cause, your little arm band, your club membership. Hi, I’m Mike iLL and this is my cause. It’s my CAUSE. Hey, every good liberal needs a CAUSE, otherwise, i mean, what’s the fuckin’ point man? Hey, what’s your CAUSE, asshole? I know, shouldn’t be getting so worked up, we all have to follow our own path. The reason I’m involved with this issue is someday we’ll look back on MOVE, and Mumia Abu-Jamal, and our ancestors will look back on it and say “wow, I can’t believe the Government got away with that”, or “look what the Philadelphia Government tried to do”. And if I can help it, it’s gonna be “what they TRIED to do”, ‘cause I might be a revolutionary too, and my brother better get a fair trial. So fuck you. Mumia 911 Rrrrrrrrrr. Love, Mike iLL |