Mike iLL


| | | — | | Get to the dungeon, and change into army fatigues. Salome and Angel Stern are already in with the client, and I get my dick hard enough to put a condom on before pulling up the pants. Helena’s like “enough”, (getting eroused just remembering it). Helena’s a big German Dominatrix who’s been in it for like 18 years. Huge tits, and a bad-ass attitude. A real dom, not like all these girls today who just do it for a fast buck (nothin’ against a fast $). Anyway, Helena marches me into the room, and Rolph is strapped down to the table with his legs spread apart, and it’s this WWII military fantasy: He’s the General, and I’m the Private (or corporal or whatever) and they stick pins in my balls and nipples and spank me and shit, and accuse us of being lovers, and they talk about all the sick shit we did to innocent people. (I think we’re supposed to be Nazi’s). Toward the end of the 1 hour session, the one of the women sticks something up Rolph’s ass, or pretends she’s gonna shit or piss on him or something (while I scream and moan) and he jerks off and comes. Then, they march me back out, and get him outta there. I think he paid around $500 - $700 for the hour. That used to be fun though, and I’d make $140 bucks. Used to fantasize I was fucking Jody (she had the wetest vagina) to keep erect. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. The females looked great, all in tight leather… and we’d make fun of this dude behind his back and shit, sometimes I had to pretend I was crying to keep from laughing. After a while the nipple piercing really started to hurt, and I’m like “No more nipples”, but in the testicle skin, it’s nothing. Man, those were some bugged evenings. Nice work if you can get it. Anti-feminine/Demeaning Sexist Porn Image Here! \(\)\(\)ex, Mike iLL |