Mike iLL


| | | — | | Really been buggin lately doing a million fuckin’ things for this new record - Artwork, Tour, Video, Radio Re-Mixes… So I sleep like 6 hours a night and get this; in 8 days I left the car lights on twice (while at shows), had two (small) accidents, and got four parking tickets. Fuck.. Saw the hip-hop band EPMD last week, pretty cool. They’re a trio (Eric Sermon, Parish Smith and DJ Scratch) who’ve been releasing really funky, materialistic records for years. Method Man and a couple of other rappers came on as guests, and that was interesting, they got this new style of hype dancing - all evil and non-stop. Eric Sermon did a really cool accapella rap which worked better than the other stuff cuz his style is really layed back and doesn’t come off when he’s screaming over a beat. DJ Scratch also did an amazing solo which included picking up the turntable while he was scratching Black Sheep ‘pick it up - pick it up - pick it up’, whatever songs thats off. Seeing a great turntable artist is something not to be missed. It’s probably (along with the sampler and drum machine) the most popular instrument of our generation, and these guys’ll be down in history. Then outside when the show was over there were all these kids out front with a van and trailer that had a huge video screen and speakers in it. They were stopping traffic and hyping up a new rap group called Memphis something-or-other. Wild. That’s the new thing now, every rap artist has a van covered with logo’s and stuff driving around all the hot spots. Took the parking ticket off my car, lights were on too…, started the motor and went to NyQill.

Ninety Nine, Mike iLL |