Mike iLL


Vicious, Don’t be sorry for your rawness - love that shit. It’s fine that your mom’s discusted with the massacre in Colorado. What’s saddest to me isn’t that 13 kids were killed, but that two brave, dissatisfied, passionate kids could be so off in their means of expression. I see it like this; World is a relative term, each individual has our own experience of it. You can’t be responsible for what the world brings you, only your reaction to it. Man, I don’t know where I’m going with this. I get a sick feeling in the heart when news stories like this shock people. It’s no fucking suprise, and the main thing all the attention will do is one, give more reason to establish martial law in schools and two, to inspire more kids to act out in this manner. Here’s a little perspective:

The Great American Handgun Epidemic It’s interesting, cuz how many kids fantasize about doing what these ones did? I never wanted to kill all my classmates, but definitely spent a lot of time planning out blowing things up. We tried to make molotov coctails, once we even tried to buy nitric oxide to make nitro glycerin. Thank goodness we never blew ourselves up. |

Lucky, Mike iLL