Mike iLL


About this Colorado massacre thing. It’s not important news, sorry. People get all upset, but I think they’re mostly displacing their emotions. Maybe we’re really upset about being subject to corporate martial law; no time to run our country (“Government for the People”), because we’re too busy running around like rats in a maze, hopefully having some kids to protect us from the medicare/medicade liquidators when we get old. Any taxpayer in the USA is directly responsible for the death’s of innocent folks in Kosovo (we’re paying millions for it), as well as boosting the popularity of this guy Milosevic (apparently a pretty sick fuck). Ya know, there’s 14 year old kids in Rowanda shooting up whole villages and cutting peoples arms off and shit right now - it’s common. Some might say “oh, but this is in our own country”, really though, what’s the big difference - only who pays the guys with the guns, and what our words sound like, and what technology we use to pass the time. It’s a world. |

Pissed, Mike iLL