Mike iLL


The final day of the festival of Megalesia, the great Mother. Havn’t eaten vagina in two weeks or so. Feels it. Decided not to cum today, semen retention sends that energy through the pineal gland or something. Sometimes after masturbation, it seems like a waste of energy. Sexual energy is one of our strongest, we can direct it, concentrate it toward spiritual and material goals. Set hearts a-flame. Maybe not new, but something different. What’s the difference ‘tween will power and discipline? Mothafukkaz sit in couch-shaped coffins in decorated gravez. Bong at the lips, TV on the toung. Write this shit to keep from watching Seinfeld. Eating rat poison we spit in the face of the creator, except when it’s fun. Right/left, wrong, good, evil/bad, dark, light/heavy, god, devil/satan/lucifer/serpent. Serpent gave Eve head. Adam was bored. Sugar addicted one god scaredycats think the ego is the soul. Spending miserable lifetimes at the mercy of the dark self. MIGHT BE YOU NEED TO LOOSE YOUR SOUL TO FIND IT. Shit Fuck Cocksucker Motherfucker Cunt Drawers you smell my stains and get horny. |

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