Mike iLL


| | | — | | History is written by the victors. I admit too much ignorance to be of any political use, but as an artist I take the right to express my feelings:

Sex and voilence are taken from us by the rich (Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch …), and fed back through their own \(\) channels.

Death is taken from us by killer religions/real estate brokers.

Music is stolen by corperations (Viacom???). Take great European bands like Can or Deus. If the market was not flooded with commercial (ie: doesn’t question the following beer commercial) music - these great artists would naturally rise to the top, unfortunately the channels are controlled by greedy white males and their insecure women.

Americans are so arrogant - we really think we’re the best. We live on borrowed time, eating off the backs of 90% of the earths population. history will not be kind to us.

Our kids are strung out on sugar, teenagers on alcahol, our elderly die of loneliness.

Spend a dime on censorship? how about some instruments in the school system? How about teachers of Hip-Hop music and culture hired out of our many ghettos?

These are the new dark ages. Aim to realise the music of dreams. To hell with current pop - most of it future landfill. CD’s will be funny when our kids grow up.

CyberPunk ‘Snot Dead. |

Love, Mike iLL