Mike iLL


| | | — | | Should I tell you ‘bout my man The crack he smoke the dope? He’s so ill like the one Jonny Boy In the old film Mean Streets Got black eyes, broke ribs, busted nose Shouldn’a messed with tha crack swingin’ freaks.

‘Sup fulks? We all cell-a-brote thanksgiving here in USA? What a world. Will we stand for Mumia Abu-Jamal to be extinguished by the Philadelphia correctional institution? What have prisons become but schools for crime, where convicts teach each other how to get arrested again? Here’s to the bleedin’ heart.

illness played two songs in a Led Zeppelin tribute last night; “The Crunge” and “No Quarter”. Heard many other bands play Zep songs, and Zeppelin recordings in between. Holy shit, what an amazing band … don’t even try to deny it. Blues meets greek theatre. Fuck it.

True wealth is in the quality of experience, not quantity of substance. The author Kalil Gibran (The Prophet) brings tears to my heart, as he gives universes to the poor and makes me to die with truth on my lips, even if it means starving.

Best wishes, Mike iLL