Mike iLL


| | | — | | Cyber punk snot dead. How many junkies can you watch die? How many junkies can you watch get clean? Junkies of money, number fiends, internet addicts, religious fanatics. I sit in a windowless room sweating poisonous cadaver stench, waiting for the next rendition, reaching for the next advancement. Wonder if I’ve ever known good sex, if I’ve known love. Happiness is forgotten in a photobook of pain - the key to the soul. Walk out the door as the sun rises, hope for inconspicuousness. Wonder what the neighbors think… we do for a living. Alarm rings so I can roll over and have another nightmare. Jaded, hated, self degrated; I AM THE ARTIST THAT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE. I’m drowning in sobriety, epitomize society, I can’t get away from me. Hablas espanol? Maricon, carajo, puta, penga. Aqui hay nada para algo mas. Mi novia quere mas que tengo. NUEVO TANGO. De la Guarda estan lo mejor. Wow. Passion. Una mujer dame beso. Entiende? Comprende? El presidente y los periodicos, y TV … estoy enfermo. |

Pissin’ a river, Mike iLL