Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | Pink eye, blue ball, yellow bellied, scarlet fever, black head lookin’ sucker.

Nice comeback - she say’s after I got over a bout of impotence. “It turns me on when you cum.”

Sixteen deaths related to the new “potency” drug called Viagra. They say it’s not a hazardous drug, but that these old men are kicking it right after or during sex due to over-exertion and heart failure. What a fuckin’ world.

Squirt wants to how many times in a night I can cum all over her… especially the face. I say 2 if I’m lucky. Three is definitely a goal. Bootsy says the 2nd comming is the one that matters. My Catholic father says “Come again? . . impossible.” |

Peee LUV, Mike iLL