Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | Ball’s itching for days. I pick off this white flake, and it’s got little arms and legs. Yea. Crabs. So go to the Rite Aid, buy the cheapest lice shampoo, cut off pubic hair, and shampoo. Of course the shower’s broken so I’m doin’ all this in the bathroom sink. Find like 20 little crabby-ass insects writhing in death on the face cloth. Funny thing is this is nothing compared to Scabie’s. I’ve had ‘em all, lice, scabies, crabs, warts (the worst of all, They burn ‘em off your dick with freezing chemical shit, and you soak your shit in white vineger to look for more. This can go on for months.) I’m lucky not to have herpes yet, but believe me, there’s been some close encounters. Ahh, the wonders of STD’s. |

Un-Safe Love, Mike ILL